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WLA Responsible Gaming Framework

Responsible gaming (RG) is a pivotal element in each WLA member's ongoing commitment to social responsibility and part of a proactive approach to the social impact of lotteries and other forms of gaming.

Sports Toto which is operated by STM Lottery Sdn Bhd, as a World Lottery Association (WLA) member, is committed to responsible gaming as one of the factors to promote long-term enterprise sustainability. Our commitment and effort ensure not only that the public including our customers, communities and other stakeholders are protected and safe, but also our business is sustainable at a healthy level to bring about beneficial effects to the Malaysian economy, development of sports activities, as well as charity and community programs.

Sports Toto has been accorded the Certificate of Accreditation in Level 3 of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework after having secured its Level 2 previously. The acknowledgement underscores STM Lottery's unwavering commitment to promoting RG practices and ensuring the highest standards of player protection. The WLA RG Framework is a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to assess and enhance the RG initiatives of lottery organisations worldwide. The WLA is a global association of state lottery and gaming organisations representing more than 150 lotteries, from more than 80 countries. WLA aims to be a global authority on the lottery business, to uphold the highest ethical principles and support its members to achieve their visions.

The WLA's RG principles advocate the member gaming operators to play their central roles in helping to prevent any problem gambling among the participants in the games of chance, as do governments, regulators, treatment providers, researchers and community groups. The principles instill good practices in the areas of player protection, collaboration with other stakeholders, research, promotion and marketing, player's choice, monitoring and reporting.

Sports Toto has taken steps to adopt the principles as part of its effort to include responsible gaming in its daily business operations. It is envisaged that this would achieve an appropriate balance between revenue, entertainment and customer expectations.